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Mom Collection

Welcome to our Mom Collection, where inspiration blooms and love blossoms. Celebrate the extraordinary bond between you and your mom with our exquisite selection of inspirational floral gifts. Each gift is thoughtfully crafted to convey your deepest appreciation and admiration for the incredible woman who has nurtured and inspired you throughout your life. Flowers have long been a symbol of love, beauty, and growth.


Our collection combines the timeless elegance of floral photography with heartfelt messages of inspiration. Whether you're looking for a Fine Art print, cozy t, or a unique floral-themed keepsake, we have the perfect gift to make your mom's heart bloom. They carry with them the power to uplift, inspire, and remind your mom of her inner strength and resilience. Each gift is carefully curated to include meaningful quotes, affirmations, or messages of love. With every glance, your mom will be reminded of the incredible impact she has had on your life and the lives of those around her.

Don't change, just Bloom,



New Arrivals


My name is Wendy 

For years, my declining health effected my Professional Photography career, my family, my friendships, and kept me from living to my full potential. I struggled with chronic pain, brain fog, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, hair loss, mood issues and more. I was sick but my conventional medical team labeled me as 'normal" or gave me scripts for pharmaceuticals with harmful side effects.

But like you I refused to accept a life of destined poor health as my fate. 


Like you, I believed I was the only one who was going to find the answers to my symptoms. And that mindset pushed me to rethink what relief looked like for me. This launched me on a journey of self-discovery through symptom tracking, food journaling, genetic research, seeking alternative treatments, and continuing my education to truly transform my health and my life as well as my families.


Today, I am optimizing my health through having the knowledge of my genetic risks, nutritional deficiencies, life-style habits and I am helping other discover news ways to ReThink ReLeaf.

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