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ReThink ReLeaf with Wendy Jean

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Wendy, is a Mom, Business Owner, Artist, Chronic Illness Survivor,, who went from the top of her field to bedridden with no root cause. She is an award-winning Professional Photographer, who slowly lost her mobility due to Lyme Disease and lost her creativity due to Mold, Heavy Metal & Toxic overload. With years of no answers and feeling invisible to her medical team, Wendy, realized SHE was the only one going to help her get her life back. 

Wendy found healing in support groups, Functional Medicine Doctors, and educating herself in Epigenetics to find the root cause. Her journey has given her a renewed sense of purpose that our bodies can Heal, no matter how they are designed! Wendy discovered new ways of Clean Living, Functional Nutrition, and Self Care while advocating to find the Root Cause. Her story is like so many others, especially, Women and Moms who feel invisible and ignored. 

Wendy, was able to get her health back by lowering her toxic overload, adding self-care practices that included an Infrared Sauna and journaling to see patterns in her flairs. With less brain fog and more confidence in real data, she was able to be SEEN!

With a new sense of self and healing, she had the desire to create a community to support others who are ready to take back their health and wellness to live fulfilling lives!



We all have the power within to

Don't change just 




Self- Care through

Root Cause - Functional Nutrition - Clean Living


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My name is Wendy 

For years, my declining health effected my Professional Photography career, my family, my friendships, and kept me from living to my full potential. I struggled with chronic pain, brain fog, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, hair loss, mood issues and more. I was sick but my conventional medical team labeled me as 'normal" or gave me scripts for pharmaceuticals with harmful side effects.

But like you I refused to accept a life of destined poor health as my fate. 


Like you, I believed I was the only one who was going to find the answers to my symptoms. And that mindset pushed me to rethink what relief looked like for me. This launched me on a journey of self-discovery through symptom tracking, food journaling, genetic research, seeking alternative treatments, and continuing my education to truly transform my health and my life as well as my families.


Today, I am optimizing my health through having the knowledge of my genetic risks, nutritional deficiencies, life-style habits and I am helping other discover news ways to ReThink ReLeaf.

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