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Holistic Genetic Mastery Program

Are you prepared to make lifestyle adjustments to improve your quality of life?

Do you find it frustrating to spend money on generic diet and exercise programs that have not yielded results for you? 


Are you prepared to work with a mentor who provides unwavering support and employs established Holistic Health & Functional Nutrition Coaching techniques to help you achieve your objectives?

12 week Holistic Genetic Mastery Program

We understand that achieving optimal health takes time, and we're committed to being here for you every step of the way. That's why we're offering a 12 week program with continued support options so you can experience the benefits of Precision Health for yourself. 


Discover more about your health through the SelfDecode DNA health reports and experience the advantages of customized health care. Your body will appreciate it for many years to come. You can either acquire a DNA test from us or upload and analyze the raw data files mentioned below.

The benefits of Holistic Genetic Mastery Programs are

Bi-weekly Check-Ins

You can opt for either a call or a Zoom meeting to discuss your progress, setbacks, and work on your goals at your preferred pace.

Find your Voice

Equip yourself with the skills to stand up for your well-being and unlock the secrets of your genetic code for the ultimate healthy lifestyle.

Access to professional resources

We know change takes time and dedication and you have a lot on your plate. We will provide you with unconditional support and professional tools to thrive in your goals. 

Health begins
with you.

We accept raw DNA files from:

  • 23AndMe

  • Ancestry

  • Atlas

  • Circle DNA 

  • Courtagen

  • Dante Labs

  • DDC

  • iGene

  • Diagnomics

  • DNA.Land

  • Family Tree

  • Genes For Good

  • Illumina

  • Living DNA

  • Map My Genome

  • MyHeritage

  • Nebula Deep & Ultra Deep

  • Nutrition Genome

  • Sequencing

  • Strategene

  • Your Genomic Resource




Are you ready to ReThink ReLeaf?


We are dedicated to living a healthy life, supporting each other in our goals, and ensuring our families are thriving with a focus on nutrition, self-care and advocating for our health.


Could what you are eating, drinking or consuming in every day products be making you sick? Check out our resource page for downloadable resources and healthy living tips.


Are you ready to shop for inspirational gifts for your loved one and your own home that are non-toxic and support clean living?

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