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E-book: Genetic Mastery: Unlocking Your Body's Potential for Health and Success

8 main reasons to listen to your body and how genetics can change your life.


Are you ready to take charge of your well-being and live a more fulfilling life?


Download our FREE eBook and discover powerful your genetics can help you find root causes, find risk assessment for disease, and other reports that are specific to your genetic makeup.

Why knowing your genetic blueprint can change your life.

In today's world of technology, we can find the root cause of your health problems when genetics tell you which organs and biochemicals may be problematic. We can tailor your nutrition, lifestyle, and supplements to improve your health.


ReThink ReLeaf
Genetic Mastery: Unlocking Your Body's Potential for Health and Success

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Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your life through self-care. Download our FREE eBook now and start prioritizing your well-being today!

This e-book was written by Wendy Jean

🌿 Certified Holistic Health Coach | Functional Nutrition Expert | Genetic Practitioner | Artist | Lyme Disease Advocate 🎨💚


My name is Wendy 

For years, my declining health effected my Professional Photography career, my family, my friendships, and kept me from living to my full potential. I struggled with chronic pain, brain fog, vitamin & mineral deficiencies, hair loss, mood issues and more. I was sick but my conventional medical team labeled me as 'normal" or gave me scripts for pharmaceuticals with harmful side effects.

But like you I refused to accept a life of destined poor health as my fate. 


Like you, I believed I was the only one who was going to find the answers to my symptoms. And that mindset pushed me to rethink what relief looked like for me. This launched me on a journey of self-discovery through symptom tracking, food journaling, genetic research, seeking alternative treatments, and continuing my education to truly transform my health and my life as well as my families.


Today, I am optimizing my health through having the knowledge of my genetic risks, nutritional deficiencies, life-style habits and I am helping other discover news ways to ReThink ReLeaf.

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