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I have my BFA from Edinboro University, where i studied Applied Media Arts & Photography. I was fortunate enough to have worked in the Professional Photography Industry my entire career. I am a member of the Professional Photographers of America and dedicated #nikon user. I have photographed people, plants, animals, amazing things and created Art from across the United States, Costa Rica, Mexico and Canada.

In 2013, something changed. I did not know I had been battling Lyme Disease for over a decade. Eventually, I became bedridden from Lyme Disease, mold illness and other chronic illnesses, and had to scale down my Special Event Photography Company, Clicks for a Cause, due to the debilitating symptoms. After finding Functional Medicine, herbal protocols, and Functional Nutrition I healed and was I making a comeback.

Unfortunately, during Covid, I got a new Tick Bite and Lyme Infection and had limitations on my treatment. Clicks for a Cause, was labeled non-essential and forced to close. I had two years of work cancelled and was forced to close in 2021.

Throughout both of my Lyme battles, I needed fresh air, light movement, sunshine, and something I loved to do so I took up gardening. Being closed off from the outside world, I found new life and magic in my backyard every day! It seemed as if everything was being taken from me, but I was growing my own flowers, and photographing in my own studio and creating Artwork online to sell and it was therapeutic.


Enjoy the journey

Bunny Desguised Adult.jpg


What I was experiencing gave me such joy that I knew I needed to photograph what I was seeing and inspire others. I needed a creative outlet and my special photographer statue, Scout, given to me by my husband and son seemed the perfect way to get back into being an artist and rewire my brain.

I loved the vision I had for Scout but I was still sick, so I created Susy.  Susy, is a sweet Bunny knickknack inherited from our grandmother and she has a lot to say! She allowed me to feel annoyed with Life while I was learning how live with mindfulness and let things go.


With fresh air, movement and giving my mind some challenge, I started to heal, and with that some amazing discoveries. I was determined to heal so I went back to school. I am healing and my family is thriving!

More to come #shareyourstory


More coming soon!

If you are interested in Art Therapy, gardening & photography, I'd love to connect

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