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We want you to achieve optimal health through personalized programs tailored to your specific needs and goals. Our expert tools will unlock the secrets to your holistic well-being, ensuring long-lasting benefits that will transform your life. Trust us to help guide you on your health journey.

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change without notice.

Genetic Practitioner

  • DNA Kit & Genetic Analysis

    Get a secure Saliva DNA Kit with Ancestry. Perfect for those ready to optimize their health.
    Valid for one month
  • Raw DNA Analysis

    Have your RAW DNA? Perfect for those who want to have further analysis of their genetic reports
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • Genetic Report Analysis

    Perfect for those who need help understanding their Genetic reports
    Valid for one month

Genetic Practitioner with Coaching


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12 Week Holistic Genetic Mastery Program$2,499.00
Duration: 12 weeks

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Interested in Bio-Hacking?

You can purchase Selfdecode directly with my Practitioner referral code and instantly discover the diet, supplement and lifestyle recommendations best for you based on your DNA, labs & lifestyle.

Then work with me on as needed basis. Starting at $268.20 plus shipping.

Need a Health Coach?

If you are not sure where to start,
stop waiting and start with a complimentary call

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Perfect if you need support for your current health goals.

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We are dedicated to living a healthy life, supporting each other in our goals, and ensuring our families are thriving with a focus on nutrition, self-care and advocating for our health.

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