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Blooming Inspirations Calendar

Blooming Inspirations Calendar

This calendar is designed to inspire and motivate viewers by showcasing the theme of resilience and empowerment through the captivating world of macro detail floral photography. Each month presents a new opportunity to witness the strength and beauty of flowers, serving as a reminder of our ability to overcome challenges and thrive.


The title of the calendar encourages you to embrace your inner resilience and find inspiration in the transformative power of nature's blooms. Join me and Scout, my photographer statue, on an extraordinary journey as I explore the world of macro photography while battling Lyme disease.


This calendar showcases my art therapy journey, capturing resilience, hope, and inspiration moments. Embrace the spirit of resilience and celebrate the triumph of the human spirit with this unique calendar. My captivating images will inspire you throughout the year, reminding you of the power of art therapy and the limitless possibilities that lie within.


Unlock your own journey of healing and self-expression with my remarkable story and embark on a year filled with inspiration, hope, and the beauty of art.


Together, let's embrace the power of art and discover the incredible strength that lies within each of us.



Pages: 26

Binding: Wire-O

Interior Color: Color

Dimensions: US Letter Landscape (11 x 8.5 in / 279 x 216 mm)

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