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When Mold attacks

April 30, 2018

After years of  debilitating symptoms, pointless Doctor visits, thousands of dollars in co-pays & out-of-pocket expenses and "normal" testing  I finally received a diagnosis of MSIDS - Multiple Systemic Infectious Disease Symdrome. In September 2017, I was diagnosed with CIRS - Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome Disease due to hidden toxic mold in our home, Lyme Disease, Heavy Metal Toxins, Anemia, Hormone issues, multiple Vitamin deficiencies in addition to my previous diagnosis.


Here is what it feels like to have CIRS from a Moldy House



Imagine feeling like you are always floating in water


Then Imagine trying to get out of bed and feeling like you are buried in sand


Imagine you are sitting in a chair and feel strapped down


Imagine your don't even know your house in making you sick


Imagine the trying to move but feel like your arms and legs weigh 10,000 pounds


Imagine not sleeping for days


Imagine waking up from sleep drenched in sweat


Imagine you get headaches from using all electronics


Imagine sudden memory loss similar to dementia​​


Imagine trying to speak and the words come out in slow motion

Imagine having sensitivities to all sounds and smells


Imagine putting the cereal in the fridge


Imagine loosing your keys every day


Imagine the rain makes your pain worse


Imagine having irregular periods sometimes 2 a month


Imagine asking your Dr. about your mood swings and PMS to be told "you're just getting older"


Imagine an overwhelming feeling of darkness or fear out of the blue


Imagine an onset of an anxiety attack in a split second


Imagine your hair falls out in gobs


Imagine feeling like you are going to pass out when you stand up


Imagine you have a year long sinus infection due to MARCONs in your sinuses


Imagine going to Dr. after Dr. to have no one believe you


Imagine your lab work was "normal" despite the report saying otherwise


Imagine being sent home from the ER because the Dr. just can't figure it out 


Imagine being told all of your symptoms are just from "stress"


Imagine asking a neurologist to run a specific scan but because they have no knowledge of your conditioned they refer you to a psychiatrist.


Imagine being put on dozens of medication that are not helping and in actuality hurting your body


Image you were misdiagnosed for years and had 'pre cancer' cells removed 3 times in 10 years from your body

Imagine you have to pay thousands of dollars out-of-pocket for testing to prove you are sick


Imagine the looks of confusion when you explain to everyone what a Functional Medicine Dr is


Imagine the frustration when a friend says yeah I'm "allergic" to mold too


Imagine you can't qualify for Disability but you can no longer work

Imagine your family and friends thinking you can just 'cheat on your food sensitiviy'

Imagine feeling like a failing mom because you are to ill to play with your child


Imagine you have to stop working a carer you love


Imagine disappearing from your old life because you can't leave your house


Imagine that you have genetic issues keeping your body from recognizing and fighting a Disease


Imagine having to leave a store because of toxins causing migraines


Imagine not being able to light a candle in your home 

Imagine breaking out into rashes when something unknown touches your skin


Imagine having to stop wearing make-up, perfume and anything with metals & toxins


Imagine having to cut dairy, gluten, sugar, gmo and processed food from your diet


Imagine having your grocery bill triple becuase it costs more to be organic


Imagine taking 10-20 different supplements a day


Image that you never had the typical CDC symptoms


Imagine that there are so many misconceptions of CIRS you are left to be your own Dr.


Imagine you have to throw away most of your possessions because they were exposed to Toxic Mold and are making you sick


Imagine you have to temporarily move out of your home 


Imagine spending $6,000+ to have your home professionally remediated from mold


Now Imagine how many times I lost my train of thought and had water eyes sitting at my laptop while trying to share my story...but I did it because so many people are MISDIAGNOSED and also suffer from Biotoxin Illnesses due to Toxic Mold exposure.

If you have unexplained symptoms please seek out a doctor who is familiar with Biotoxin Illnesses.


Here are 3 recommended books to read NOW


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