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50 Thoughtful Gifts Ideas for a Loved One with a Chronic Illness.

April 27, 2018


When you get a phone, email or text that a friend or family member has been diagnosed with a chronic illness it is hard to know what to do. Do you call when you don't know what to say? Do you go visit when you think maybe they are too busy with Doctor appointments?


I will say from personal experience any gesture to say that you care is welcome. I am in many support groups for Lyme Disease and CIRS patients and it is very easy to see their are many things you can do to show your support. I asked what they would put in a gift basket or want in a gift basket and most things were small but meaningful. Things like chapstick, organic tea, glass water bottle, funny coffee mug any items specific to their illness.  Before you buy anything you need to truly understand what they are dealing with. For me I have to avoid toxins so sending me some awesome lip gloss is thoughtful but I wouldn't be able to wear it. However, I would love some Clay & Ginger Epson Bath Salt because I take 3 detox baths a week as part of my treatment. #themoreyouknow


As someone suffering from a chronically ill  and someone who has loved ones with a chronically ill I compiled a list of 50 unique and affordable thoughtful gift ideas that will show your loved one how much you support them in their health journey.

Creative Ideas


1. Send a handwritten note or a card. Believe it or not everyone LOVES to get actual mail!


2. Ask what blogs, websites or books their read so when you say " I understand" you actually do understand and can have a meaningful conversation.


3. Do a little research on their illness for them. I know with my cognitive issues it is hard to sit for any lengthy amount of time to take in new information. So having someone share cliff notes would be great.


4. Buy 2 copies of a book on their illness. One for you and ship the 2nd to them to read. Start a conversation about the book. When you are done ask them what other family or friend you can share your copy with. #awareness


5. Set aside a special time each week to send a funny text or facebook message.


6.  If they have a blog, instagram, pinterest, facebook or any outlet they share their story follow them, comment on their posts, share their posts to help them gain exposure.


7.  If they do any direct sales offer to host a home or online party. Ask them if they participate in affiliate program and make your purchases for them. Any extra income will be appreciated. 


8. Give them your reward points. Whether you have hotel points, credit card rewards, or gas perks offer to give them your points or trade them in for a gift for them.


9. Buy them a music gift card or subscription to listen to while they are waiting for their Dr. appointments. 


10. Offer to drive them or Offer to ride with them to their doctor's appointment and ​​full up their gas tank


11. Offer to pay their co-pay. Some office visit and script co-pays are under $40. 


12. Buy them a course on CreativeLive.  "Learn on your own schedule and invest in you.

Watch, rewind, get access to bonus materials, repeat. 100% satisfaction guaranteed."


13. Ask them to send you a recent candid photo and have a personalized gift made. If they send a professional image you must have a copyright release from professional photographer.


14. Have your kids draw them a picture. Mail or text it to them.


15. Ask them to send you a recent artwork their child created and have a personalized gift made. 


16. Offer a few days that you can stop by an help with the laundry, dishes and cleaning. 


17. Offer a few days that you can come pick up their child for a play date.


18. Offer to take their kids to dinner and a movie. Quiet time is always appreciated.


19. Offer to their kid to and from practice or school function.


20. Offer to send lunch to school for their kids if they attend the same school


21. Offer to add money to their school lunch account.


22. Start a GoFund me page on their behalf.


23. Make a donation to a charity on their behalf.


24. Surprise them with Professional Portrait Session. If they are not well enough you can have the session just be their kids or get them a gift card to use at their leisure.


25. Use your talents, sew them a quilt or knit them a scarf.


26. Use your work skills to help them. Ex: if you are an accountant help them plan a budget. If you work at a company that has promotional products see if your boss will donate some items to them,


27. Create a shared Pinterest board so you can share recipes, tips, resources and more!


Gift Basket ideas


28. A cute & comfy hoodie , sweat outfit they can wear to the Doctor or a comfy t-shirt to lounge in.


29. Buy them a Himalayan Salt Lamp. The work to enhance the ionic balance of your living spaces.


30. Buy them a book of stamps. If they still pay bills by mail a book of stamps would be a great thing to put in a gift basket. 


31. Buy a box set of their favorite movie or tv show.


32. Buy them a piece of personalized Jewelry. Who wouldn't ADORE a bracelet that says You Are Strong!


33. Buy them a spiritual bracelet.


34. Buy them Gift Cards! As much as it may seem impersonal to get someone a gift card are the best gift. Did you know you can buy all sorts of Gift Cards on Amazon.


35. Purchase a fun board game like monopoly for the family


36. Buy a special gift for their child. As a mom with a chronic illness I often feel I am not being the best mother I can so a small gift to see my child smile would in turn make me smile. 


37. A pair of cozy & funny socks


38. Buy an inspirational journal to share their thoughts. 


39. Create a cute coupon book. Good for 3 Free Laundry Services, 1 Night with Chef Wendy, anything you can do to make them feel supported.


40. A pack or two of sticky notes and note pads to remember medications, appointments and the ongoing to do lists.


41. But them a new pair of soft sheets! They probably spend a lot of time resting in bed and the last thing they probably are going to buy is new soft sheets. 


42. A Toxic Free Gift Basket. We love The Green Life


Shopping Ideas


43. If you live close you can run to the grocery store or have them order online and go pick it up and put it away for them.


44. If you live far way ask them to send you a shopping list and place their grocery order online. Amazon, Wal-Mart and Giant Eagle Grocery stores have online and delivery options. Some people don't want to feel like a burden and will simply Thank You and reject an offer of help so simply surprise them with a gift card.


45. Subscribe them to get their household products sent automatically from Amazon. ​​





46. Purchase them a yearly subscription to a magazine that supports their journey.


47. Purchase them a yearly subscription to Nextflix or other streaming movie service.


48. Purchase them a amazon prime membership. Free 2 day shipping, Prime Video, Kindle.


49. Purchase them a sectioned cloth hamper . When the laundry piles up at least it will be organized. 


50. When someone has a symptom of chronic fatigue any household item that will make their cooking and cleaning a little easier will make you their HERO!


Tip: Get 5 friends to pitch in 40$  and buy a $200 HERO Items!


Thank you for taking the time to see what you can do to support your friends & family battling a Chronic Illness. Knowing someone is thinking about you is powerful fuel for healing. I am currently disabled due to my Lyme Disease, CIRS and Chronic Fatigue and make a small commission from the affiliate links in this post at no additional cost to you.  I recommend companies and products I trust and all clicks are greatly appreciated. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and other affiliated sites

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