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My SALTY Journey

April 17, 2018


 My SALTY Journey is a look into my life long battle with Surviving A Lifetime of Toxins. I had mysterious health issues my entire life and in 2017 it all came to a crashing halt. As the Owner of Clicks for a Cause and a Professional Photographer my job entailed demanding physical and mental strength. In July of 2017, I found myself bed ridden and struggling to speak. After sharing my story with a friend I discovered a diagnosis of a Biotoxin Illness. I was referred to a Clinical Nutritionist who suffered himself from this illness. My treatment started with finding the source of toxic mold and to complete testing that was beyond the standard blood work. This was a refreshing step as my doctors had always said my blood work and testing was "normal" but I knew my body was trying to tell me something. I worked in medical records in my 20's so I knew how to read reports and knew to always get a copy for yourself. I could also see abnormal results and was told countless times "We have no idea what is causing your symptoms could it be stress."



Stress! Yes I am stressed my Doctors have dismissed me for years that something is wrong.  I had my gallbladder removed at an Emergency surgery in my 20s after almost a year of "normal" testing. I had a hiatel hernia repaired and a Nissen Fundoplication Wrap on my espohegus because no medication could stop the constant acid reflux. I remember at one point I was on over 20 prescription medications a day. I was told I needed a gastric pacemaker as my digestive tract was functioning like a 90 year old man but never given a reason. I decided not to have the surgery and try reduce the ever illusive stress and eat healthier.  I did get better but looking back I know what I really did was move my photography studio from a mold damaged building.  I developed heart issues, migraines, back and neck pain in my 20's Years. I found I had mitral valve prolapse, scoliosis, and an impingement on my brain stem.  But once again the medical world had no reason for my diagnosis. In my 30s I had had an overwhelming feelings of depression and anxiety, pre cancer cells removed from my cervic and my colon; shingles and unexplained arthritis type pain. My research showed I had all symptoms of Lyme Disease but lab tests showed negative results. The other diagnosis that fit my labs was Leukemia, I flat out asked my PCP and he looked at me as if I was crazy. I wasn't crazy as I didn't have cancer in my blood I had toxins in my blood, my tissue, my brain, and in every cell in my body. 



During my Nutritionist visit I held back the tears and finally someone listened to me, a Doctor actually told me what symptoms I was having and he gave me hope. Before I left my visit it was almost certain I had a Botoxin illness from toxic mold exposure and Lyme Disease. I did a Horowitz Test and a Visual Contrast Test. These FREE tests were designed to help those of us in a scary battle that "western" physicians are not trained in. As my husband and I pulled into the lab the tears were uncontrollable. I could not believe the medical world was letting me die! I also was crying because my friend Jill, who led me to this life saving Doctor, came into my life at a Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser in honor of my sister in law, April. I believe my path led me to Jill and finally a diagnosis. I may not be able to help others through Photography and fund raising during my treatment but I am on a mission to helping others Survive A Lifetime of Toxins with this blog, my pinterest and instagram feeds. Please like and follow my SALTY Journey.




My body became allergic to EVERYTHING! We had to purge our whole house! Our Dogs also got sick!


I had to learn how to cook and eat #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfree #organic



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